RocketFin is an advisory and delivery consultancy formed by industry veterans from capital markets, core banking and insurance backgrounds.
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Digital Transformation
Organisational digitization can be challenging, particularly when the organisation is stuck in a status-quo to keep the lights on. Transformational change is required and has to be driven from within. RocketFin has helped large organisations in instantiating such change, migrating from paper and CLIs (Command Line Interfaces) to softcopies and automation. We know that the solution is not stuffing the organisations with temporary resource, but bringing together the silos in an Agile way, with minimal business disruption.
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Business Applications
The RocketFin team are known for building some of the best-designed and most critical applications in the Financial Services. We have helped to design and development award winning applications like Morgan Stanley Matrix, HSBC Evolve, UBS Neo, and JP Morgan eXecute, Citi Lava, Standard Bank Trader and ICBC Phoenix.
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Market Data
Market data and supporting services remain one of the largest expenses in the front-office and is often seen as a "low-hanging-fruit" to make cost reductions. RocketFin has​ been helping customers reduce these costs since 2008, and know-how difficult it can be to turn save opportunities into realized saves off the bottom-line.
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The world of finance is changing, and regulatory compliance is more important now than ever. Leveraging technology to simplify, streamline and save on compliance cost is essential in order to avoid stifling business growth through an ever increasing regulatory burden. We have worked on a large number of regulatory programmes, ranging from MIFIDII, Basel II, to CAT and have learned the lessons for how to design, build and deploy a successful reg project.
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AI & DataOps
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being used to augment user journeys and workflows, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce. RocketFin provide teams of data scientists and developers to help organisations exploit this technology in order to deliver clear business value.
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