Beacon and RocketFin announce partnership
RocketFin is thrilled to announce that it has become an official delivery partner of Beacon Platform.

Our company has worked alongside Beacon and its clients for several years. Over that time, our focus has been providing the highest quality engineering solutions to facilitate client integration into Beacon as and to build quantitative risk solutions for their clients. Through those efforts we have developed a compliment of strong Beacon certified Engineers. We look forward to working alongside Beacon and it’s clients in the years to come.

RocketFin is an advisory and delivery consultancy formed by industry veterans from capital markets and core banking. It has offices in London, UK, New York, NY, US, and Valletta, Malta.

Beacon Platform is a next generation quant technology, elastic cloud infrastructure, and front office application platform, which give financial services firms the flexibility, security, and scale they need to gain a competitive edge.

For more information on our Beacon practice, please contact: Espen Skogen or Tim Griffin

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RocketFin is an advisory and delivery consultancy formed by industry veterans from capital markets and core banking. With simple and flexible contracts of engagement, our clients give us their problem to solve at a firm price, or they use our people to accelerate project velocity.

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Our senior advisory team have decades of experience borne from marquis companies including JP.Morgan, UBS, Royal Bank of Canada, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Thomson Reuters and the LME.

Our global implementation services are hand-picked teams of consultants, using RocketFin's proven methodologies and technologies to deliver business change that reduces risk, maximises value and delights customers.

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Despite its well-documented limitations and weaknesses, Value-at-Risk (VaR) remains a core risk metric which is heavily relied upon by financial trading organisations.

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Autonomous systems represent a challenge for the existing models of liability, which is largely based on causative reasoning. In other words, party A is liable to party B if the injury to B is caused by an action by party A. Whereas such reasoning system makes perfect sense in the pre-artificial intelligence world, it becomes problematic in a post AI world, where due to the innate complexity of self-learning systems, it is difficult to determine attribution of fault for liability purposes. This paper examines some of the legal issues arising from this new technology.

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