Build or Buy? Redux: Risk Management in Capital Markets

Published on
Jun 10, 2024
Written by
Espen Skogen
Read time
3 min

However, this entails a significant investment of resources and time to create a solution that aligns with their unique requisites.

Conversely, some organisations choose the seemingly easier path of purchasing a system. While this may be a quicker solution, it could lead to limitations in customisation and adaptability. Ultimately, the decision between building or buying a system hinges on the company's specific needs and objectives. At this crossroads, well-informed decisions become the cornerstone for long-term benefits.

If you're seeking a development platform offering extensive customisation, Beacon Platform certainly stands out. With a legacy stretching back to developing systems for giants likeGoldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Bank of America, the Beacon Platform is a formidable contender. It promises scalability to match even the most complex business needs coupled with a significant degree of customisation.

However, the unfortunate reality is that companies often make poor decisions when choosing a risk management solution. A system that appears to meet their current needs may fall short when scaling to match growth, leading to reputational damage and financial losses.In this realm, flexibility and adaptability are paramount.

Integrating extensions is a vital aspect of customising a risk management solution to meet specific organisational needs. Systems with intuitive APIs and well-documented extension points not only ease the work of developers but also pave the way towards a comprehensive risk management solution.

Maintenance and updates, though seemingly costly, play a crucial role in keeping the system up-to-date. Letting these slide can snowball into enormous expenses in the long run. Though maintaining a custom system can be a resource-intensive task, the cost of integrating a purchased system and adapting its code can quickly spiral, especially when significant upgrades come into play.

The task of making informed decisions can indeed be daunting for traders and risk managers. Here's whereBeacon Platform and technologies like OpenFin can be game-changers, streamlining processes and providing valuable insights for intelligent decision-making. As a Certified Development Partner, RocketFin is aptly equipped to blend these technologies with existing trading platforms, ensuring optimal outcomes.

By harnessing these tools, traders and risk managers can navigate the market with confidence and ease.

Our world today operates in adigital realm where technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity.Businesses grapple with the pivotal question: should they build their own system or opt for a pre-built one? Major players such as JP Morgan and Bank ofAmerica have ventured into developing their bespoke systems, thereby gaining control over functionality and security aspects.

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