Delivery Services

The Beacon Platform

Rocketfin is a development partner of Beacon. Beacon is the leading development platform supporting market risk technology.

Beacon Platform helps financial services firms move into the future, with scalable and innovative solutions for a wide range of technology challenges. Effortlessly manage large-scale IT infrastructure and easily support modern DevOps processes. Provide clear and powerful development tools that enable rapid development and deployment of new applications, risk management tools, and quant analytics.

Business Applications

We can help you to optimise for financial performance and achieve your goals by providing expert advice, guidance, and support. Ensuring you have the right software, algorithms and models to assess risk and provide recommendations. We specialise in Risk Management Software, Business Intelligence Tools, and Financial Resporting Systems.

Quant Analytics

The need to leverage Quant Analytics in the financial community is essential to being ahead of the competition and making the right decisions.

RocketFin have a worldwide team of exceptional Quant Analysts and Quant Developers. Speak to us today about your bespoke needs and how we can help take your company to the next level.

Market Gap Analyser

Gaps in market data have a disproportionate impact VaR and Expected Shortfall calculations across portfolios, causing months of delay and introducing significant error.  But not all data gaps are of the same importance. Where do you start and how far should you go?

The Data Gap Analyser shows you how to prioritise fixing data gaps to gain the most benefit from the least effort, and shows you how much error the remaining gaps are introducing so your firm can judge when is ‘good enough’.