The story behind our company

Our numbers speak for themselves


Efficency Gains

The average gains our clients have experienced as a result of the implementation of Beacon.


Hours Saved

The man hours saved for our clients in 2022 from implementation of the Beacon Platform.


Year over year growth

We continue to support our existing clients with ever changing needs, as well as helping new ones.


Client Portfolio

Our clients combined under management. We work with small and large organisations in the Finance Sector.

Our Mission

In the financial industry, quantitative analytics and sophisticated business applications have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. This is due to the large volumes of data that require sophisticated analysis to make informed decisions. Manage risk, gain valuable insight, and identify profitable investment opportunities. Our expertise will ensure we can implement the bespoke solution you need.

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Our Vision

Advisory services for operational resilience, regulatory frameworks, and legal support are essential for financial institutions to navigate the complex and ever-changing financial landscape. By leveraging our experts, firms can minimise operational and legal risks, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

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RocketFin is taking a revolutionary step in the banking industry

“We are now a Certified Beacon Platform Partner which is testimony to the commitment and expertise demonstrated by our team in this space”

Nigel Knight
Chief Operating Officer